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Bitcoin Gold adds replay protection

Bitcoin Gold developers have met strict criticism from cryptocurrency exchanges before the hard fork of the protocol of Bitcoin occurred: many exchanges took a stance against the insecurity of Bitcoin Gold, clearly not willing to harm their reputation with assets that could easily be harmed.

Looks like the team of Bitcoin Gold was, in fact, aware of the problems in the protocol and has added full replay protection function that will be available in the testnet soon, as the Twitter announcement clarifies. After its implementation in the main Bitcoin Gold protocol, we will see if this is enough for those exchanges that promised to add BTG once its protocol becomes secure.

It is worth mentioning that the value of Bitcoin Gold has dropped to $100 after initial $400 at its launch. Maybe the development team was too hasty - with a good protocol from the start, it would have acquired support from much more cryptocurrency exchanges and the price might have been different by now.

An interesting feature of this cryptocurrency is that it’s intended for casual miners who want to get digital currency by one powerful GPU, just like Bitcoin miners of the past. ASIC mining is forbidden somehow.

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