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Bitcoin Gold activated

The hard-fork of the Bitcoin blockchain network, previously scheduled for 25th of October and later delayed, has finally happened when block 419,407 was mined. Bitcoin Gold, a new cryptocurrency, has emerged. The creators aim to make Bitcoin decentralized again – only those who own regular video chips will be accessed to mine. ASIC owners are deliberately blocked.

This new altcoin’s market journey started on Yobit exchange, and now its price jumps between $800 and $400 – one moment, it was $870 and later it became $420. At the press time, it costs 389 U.S. dollars.

As the users note on the Bitcointalk forum threads about Bitcoin Gold, if any new market player, attracted by the lack of ASIC competitors, desires to mine this new cryptocurrency, he/she will be better off not using his gaming laptop even if the video card is powerful, as the heat dispersion and overall features of laptops make them worse than regular PCs when it comes to mining.

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