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Binance temporarily suspends trading

The cryptocurrency exchange called Binance, the CEO of which is in the recently-composed Forbes’ top cryptocurrency entrepreneurs list, has suspended trades and withdrawals of funds due to the servers’ upgrade, the media tells.

They are going to resume normal operations at 4:00 AM tomorrow, as the organization has already announced. The price of Bitcoin has not been affected by this outage, it’s still slowly growing. Possibly, we are witnessing the residue of the market’s relief about the parliamentary hearing in the United States which were dedicated to cryptocurrency.

Meanwhile, Coincheck, the hacked major Japanese exchange, has still not tracked the criminals who stole hundreds of millions of dollars in cryptocurrency belonging to customers of this organization. CoinDesk reports on the Japanese regulative bodies desiring to increase regulations of such exchanges, which could be consequences of this hack.

Coinbase, a major American cryptocurrency exchange, is slowly introducing the support of SegWit - a protocol upgrade of Bitcoin, which most observers consider a measure they should have taken long ago.

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