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Binance claims it has updated its structures, announces trades resumption

Binance was not hacked in any way despite the rumors which are being disseminated by unofficial sources, categorically states the cryptocurrency exchange management. The exchange administrators just need to upgrade their servers and they have almost done so, tells another message by this large cryptocurrency financial organization the leader of which is now in the Forbes’ list of most successful cryptocurrency entrepreneurs.

The re-launch is going to happen at 10:00 AM UTC, states the official message. Previously, Binance wanted to return back to normal at 4:00 AM UTC today, but something has made them delay the resumption, which did not help to reduce the market tension.

The community’s reaction has not been very good, mainly due to the fact that Binance paused not only trades, but also funds withdrawals, which would have harmed the traders’ feelings in any similar occasion.

The price of Binance Coin (BNB) has not dropped drastically amidst the news on this exchange, indicating that the overall market decline we have witnessed lately has influenced the dynamics of this altcoin much more.

Update. According to the Twitter messages, for some users both the website and application are now working and for some they are still not.

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