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176 Mln SHIB To Be Burned On December 26

Anna Martynova

The owner of the Bigger Entertainment recording studio, Steven COOPER, tweeted that his team intends to burn 176 mln SHIB later this month just after Christmas. The number of destroyed coins may be increased. Steven Cooper shared an etherscan link that shows that another two million SHIB have been burned, meaning sent to a null address from which no coins can be spent or withdrawn.

Bigger Entertainment is the first recording studio to accept SHIB for merchandise, music, NFT and event tickets. SHIB tokens will be burned on December 26th. Earlier this month, Steven Cooper offered the SHIB community to buy tickets for the so-called "burn party" for $5, stating that the earned SHIB would be burned.

It was assumed that if 7,500 SHIB holders paid $5 for a party ticket, the team would destroy one billion coins. With only four days left before the burn, Bigger Entertainment's team plans to burn 176 mln SHIB due to low turnout. Cooper emphasized that burning as many coins as possible in one go helps to save gas costs for Ethereum.

Image: VOI

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