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148 Wallets Hacked With 4.5 Mln PYR Tokens

Anna Martynova

Vulcan Forged, the NFT marketplace, announced on December 13 that 148 PYR wallets have been hacked. The attacker stole over 4.5 mln PYR tokens worth just under $100 mln. The PYR token has dropped more than 21% since the theft was announced and continues to decline.

The developers of Vulcan Forged notified customers that they had approached the exchanges to blacklist the address where the stolen tokens were withdrawn. Stolen tokens will be returned to customers.

Theft in the crypto space continues to cause harm. In 2021, there were a huge number of attacks. CipherTrace released a report that said DeFi-related crimes hit an all-time high in the first seven months of 2021.The total amount of funds stolen for this period amounted to about $474 mln.

Image: SiliconANGLE

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