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The music of blockchain: Viberate promises to combine smart contracts and musical industry

Viberate, the startup from Slovenia, is going to improve the lives of singers and composers with blockchain solutions and its brand platform where artists will be able to offer producers and event managers their talents, gaining Bitcoin, Ether or Vibes tokens in return. This platform is going to become a digital agent with smart contracts and brand cryptocurrency as main instruments. No 3rd party managers or agents will be needed again.

It’s 8 days before this startup launches a crowdsale of its Vibes tokens. The creators plan to make these tokens the standard cryptocurrency of musicians, producers and other people in the musical sphere. The plan of Vibes development can be read below.

Plan of Vibes

Source: Viberate official site

And this platform has gained a good deal of attention – over 120,000 of profiles of musicians and singers, 50,000 concert stages and more than 70,000 festivals and other events are already there. For example, Solar Fields (Magnus Birgersson), the talented non-mainstream Swedish ambient composer, Linkin Park, the band known to everyone in the world, Robby Williams and many other artists both famous and unknown to wide public are already listed there. The project is supported by the Slovenian Ministry of Finance and even the EU’s Music Moves Europe initiative. A really good start indeed.

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