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South Korean traders were so upset that some broke computers as prices went down

Some media outlets decided to check South Korean social media to see the reaction of traders to the big collapse that lately happened on the cryptocurrency market - and the announcement of the South Korean Justice Minister might have played a role in this event. When one puts many funds in assets which later go down, this results in frustration - and there are several notable examples.

One South Korean investor, for instance, somehow managed to break his bath. Others decided to break their wooden desks in anger, throw food on the floor and even hit a door with a chair. The period of anger changed to depression as they posted photos of destroyed computers and faucets online.

This strikingly resembles the reaction described in books and shown in the films about the Great Depression of 1929: traders of traditional assets quite similarly entered the market with high hopes and lost a fortune, which very often destroyed their lives. This might be the exact reason why some market experts with long-term vision tell why cryptocurrencies are dangerous: as the market expands, so does the number of traders, and some of them might be unwise enough to invest all in coins, lose all this afterwards and blame the government - while it is not responsible for decentralized cryptocurrencies.

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