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Joseph Lubin, Ethereum CEO: calling market correction its end is ‘shortsighted’

Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin has recently commented on the latest market price dynamics. Despite the fact that for the last two days Bitcoin has grown from values around $7000-$7500 to $8000, on a larger scale the market is still in decline.

Commenting this, Mr. Lubin suggested that those who thought this was finally the burst of the bubble they had been talking about the whole time were making a mistake. Actually, the market is still at its early stages. Joseph Lubin implies that in the far future the current state of the market would be looked upon exactly as investors think about the coin market of 2009 right now.

Almost certainly to some crypto anarchists’ dismay, he is also welcoming the new regulations coming from the United States, clearly thinking that the help of the governmental bodies in debunking frauds would make the whole market healthier.

The recent downfall of the price of Ethereum from $860 to $530 does not seem to bother Mr. Lubin at all, as he says his team is focused on structural enhancements.

05-02-2018 21:00:00  |   Investments

One of short-sighted experts Joseph Lubin probably meant is Nouriel ‘Dr Doom’ Roubini who recently declared that this particular fall of Bitcoin is final and soon it would reach $0.

Image courtesy of Hightech FM / Lift conference

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