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Financial analyst Matthew Greenspan: crypto to stabilize once Wall St enters market

The problem of cryptocurrency volatility is not as black as it’s painted and it actually can be solved, finance expert Matthew Greenspan has recently stated with certainty in an interview to business outlets. He added that commerce magnates from Wall Street will undoubtedly enter this new market and stabilize it. Moreover, they are doing it right now.

In his dialogue with journalists, Matthew Greenspan has told that the big amount of traditional investors possessing multimillion companies would give the market more liquidity. In other words, the market will benefit from turning into an exotic fields to the much more practically applicable in everyday life.

Other experts have expressed quite similar views when asked about the further development of the market of cryptocurrencies. Most are united in opinion that without institutional investors the prospects of the market would be much less promising. The biggest skeptics among the companies tell that Bitcoin would not cost a single penny without the support of big business.

In consonance with the words of Matthew Greenspan one can remember the recent careful initiatives of the Soros Fund and structures belonging to the family of hereditary and successful businessmen — Rockefellers.

Image courtesy of Alex Proimos / Flickr

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