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Ethereum reaches $500

The quicker Bitcoin grows, the quicker his rivals grow, as witnessed several times before. In this case nothing is different - Ethereum has regained it $500 level previously achieved in December 2017, one of the most bullish months in history of cryptocurrencies by far. As shown on Coinmarketcap stats, it has grown +20% in the last 24 hours.

The price of Ethereum has always been lesser than that of Bitcoin, but various trading strategy sites often implied it was a good opportunity for those who do not want to lose thousands of dollars. This current jump, if indeed provoked by the overall optimistic market trend, might last.

Ethereum’s community is not focused on the price motion of their asset, instead, they prefer to focus on blockchain upgrade proposal discussions. One of such proposals about the blockchain renting fee might make the cost even higher. The ETH fanbase priorities seriously sober up the atmosphere in comparison to, say, Bitcoin Cash. Supporters of the latter cryptocurrency are determined to prove everyone their altcoin is the real Bitcoin and are very interested in the market share of their asset.

Image courtesy of DesktopMachine

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