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Curious About Trading Short-Term Contracts? Discover How TurboXBT Can Help

Market dynamics differ, and with these differences comes unique price swings that are peculiar to each financial or investment asset. The current advances in financial technology have made it possible to create the behavioural pattern of buyers and sellers of almost all financial products in such a way that investors or traders can easily study the pattern to make real-time investment decisions.

The trading of assets dates back to many millennia ago and trade by barter was the way to go back then. However, we have seen a great deal of evolution in financial markets today that the combined data for buying and selling actions respectively can be studied. These are further designed into charts that become a very focal reference point for market analysts to draw decisions from.

Studying charts is almost not an uncommon activity amongst a wide range of traders and investors betting on financial markets today. Analysts are always observing the impact of one news or the other on the price charts of an asset. For instance, any decision by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and its allies to reduce the rate of oil production can send the price of crude oil spiralling downwards. These price falls will be picked up in charts and market traders can decide whether to stay, add to their positions or exit the market based on this information.

The importance of these charts accounts for why top investment firms and hedge funds amongst others spend a ton of cash to install chart monitoring systems and in employing analysts to monitor the same. While this move can be a thoughtful one for corporate investors, it certainly can limit the retail investor, particularly those that are just getting into the game.

Solutions for Unending Chart Monitoring: the TurboXBT Advantage

The reason why many traders monitor charts for hours is that the markets they follow or trade can lock in funds for a relatively long period. Many trading models are employed by investors today and these include day trading in which positions are opened and closed within 24 hours, swing trading that spans several days or weeks and position trading that is typically held for months.

While position trading is less plagued with occasional charting, the three other highlighted models are often traumatic for most traders. In reality, chart watching is not necessarily supposed to be time-consuming should the right platforms with the right trading models be introduced. This is where TurboXBT, one of the most innovative short term trading platforms, comes in.

TurboXBT is an exchange where users can trade synthetic digital assets for a chance to print instant profits at a very high return on investment up to 90% per trade. With TurboXBT, traders can bet on the market they are most familiar with as it makes the exchange supports 17 distinct assets covering digital currencies, commodities, foreign exchange and indices. All aspects of the mainstream financial market are represented on the TurboXBT platform whose assets are subdivided into 38 unique trading pairs.

The most a trade can run on TurboXBT is 15 minutes and positions can also be opened for other time frames including 30 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes and 10 minutes. The ultimate solution that TurboXBT proffers is its higher profitability potentials within a very short period. Who wouldn’t want to make a 90% profit on trade in 30 seconds, as compared to making a similar ROI or lower for trades opened for hours and days?

Through TurboXBT, users can place either a UP contract to bet on the market when prices are going up or on a DOWN contract that captures price downtrends. The simplicity of these two distinct methods of engaging with the market also offers a clear-cut diversion from marketplaces that are laden with complicated trading models.

Amongst all else, TurboXBT is not just easy to use, the exchange has adequate customer support and the platform supports 16 different languages to accommodate traders in various parts of the world.

Here is How TurboXBT Work in Practice

Getting started with TurboXBT will require setting up an account free of charge. No Know Your Customer (KYC) documentation are required to get started and the account can be set up in less than 2 minutes. With your account, the user gains access to a demo account with free funds that can be used in perfecting trading strategies before placing real funds into trading the market.

At the point where the user has gained the needed confidence, funds can be deposited into the TurboXBT account by following our guide in this post. With the funded account, the user can follow the prompt below to place his trade;

User selects the asset pair to trade, for example, the BTC/USD pair. A suitable time frame that is visible on the chart interface is then chosen, and the trade is executed by clicking either the green UP button for the upward trend or the red DOWN button to bet on price falls. Trade winnings are dependent on whether the traded pair gained or lost in value within the set time limit.

Each asset pair has its unique payout rate, which largely determines the profitability of each trade. Users who place a $1,000 worth of DOWN contract on the BTC/USD pair with a payout rate of 75% will go home with a total of $1,750 based on this simple formula;

Total Earned Amount: Capital + [Capital x 0.75]

Despite the risks involved, TurboXBT has defined risk management techniques and mistakes to avoid which when followed can guarantee sustainable profitability for all traders.

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