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Bitcoin price surpasses its historic peak

The Bitcoin cryptocurrency has once again beaten its own price record. During the Saturday night, at the very beginning of 13 August 2017, Bitcoin pushed the limit of 4 thousand USD, as the Coinmarketcap data shows, this morning (14 August 2017) one bitcoin equals 4,034.81 USD.

The market capitalization of this digital currency is now $66.5 billion, while the total cryptocurrency market capitalization is $137 billion, thus Bitcoin’s share is more or less 48% of all cryptocurrency market.

Possible factors that accelerated the growth of Bitcoin are the increased level of investor trust, swift SegWit activation and the recent greater demand on Japan markets.

Cointelegraph reports that now one bitcoin is almost equal to three ounces of gold in value. This news website also cites the opinion of Pointpoint Research company analyst, who tells that bitcoin can be expected to reach 5000 dollars by 2018.

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