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Bitcoin downfall? Not today: the cryptocurrency reaches new all-time high

At the press time, the price of Bitcoin is $4,500.71, while a bit earlier today it was even bigger – $4,522, which makes it another historical maximum, CoinDesk shows. The bulls who invested in Bitcoin at its lowest prices might feel very well about the current growth, however, every growth can end at some point.

Anyway, the current capitalization of Bitcoin is over $73 billion, while only two days ago it was $68 billion, and Coinmarketcap data shows that the overall cryptocurrency capitalization has become $144.7, which itself is a new all-time high.

The cryptocurrency market is feeling good during the past months, with more and more investors and financial institutions interested. Even the countries with unstable and fluctuating economy are trying not to be out of touch. This growth of interest might lead to even bigger cryptocurrency market values. And while Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency structural issues are still being solved, one can surely say that cryptocurrency as a concept has managed to withstand initial skepticism and actively fights for its place under the heavens.

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