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Barclays compares Bitcoin price dynamics to a flu while BoA - to a bubble

The analytical company and banking service establishment called Barclays has recently prepared a research material in which it gives yet another reason why the market has already seen a peak of Bitcoin price. Amusingly, the research draws parallels between the popularity of Bitcoin and sickness outbreak.

The process of sickness immunity spread amongst the population is compared to the point where the share of the sellers on the market becomes more than the share of buyers.

In other words, the analysts from Barclays imply that the craze about Bitcoin has faded just like the major sickness outbreaks never last long nowadays.

Another major organization, Bank of America, has recently compared the graphics of Bitcoin price to documented economic bubbles and has reached a conclusion that Bitcoin is very similar to them in its current behavior. Its fall will only continue, economic researchers believe.

Notably, both BoA and Barclays blocked their credit cards for buying Bitcoin, thus ‘vaccinating’ the financial market. Bitcoin fans might find the comparison offensive to their beliefs. They are certain that Bitcoin and other cryptocoins would only make the sphere of finance better.

Image courtesy of hhdwallpapers

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