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Anastasia Myskina, the famous Russian tennis player, supports TokenStars and young sports talents

On 10 September 2017, during the final of the international US Open tennis tournament, the crowdsale of ACE tokens by TokenStars project will begin. The ICO facilitators told some facts for investors and people who are just interested in ICOs and this project in particular.

The token mechanics description has been improved, now the entire process is described in four simple graphics. The marketing strategy of the project has been developed together with the JAMI public relations company, containing scenarios how TokenStars is going to attract casual sport fans who previously were not interested in the blockchain and how exactly TokenStars is supposed to sign brands and get revenue.

The Know Your Client module (KYC) is almost complete as well, and this is important if we remember the recommendations of different governmental agencies across the globe. KYC is a world standard of security and transparency and it will protect the token holders’ funds.

The official Youtube channel of the project has been launched and the first video has already been posted. The social media community is not very big yet – 200 members in the Russian community and 150 in the English version.

The project team is boosted by various experts and media persons, such as Anastasiya Myskina, the world’s ex-number two tennis ace. Nine other tennis players are considered to hire and one of the top junior players is also communicated with. TokenStars plans to expand its line of business to football (soccer), poker and cybersports. One of the players who joined the project, Veronika Kudermetova, has lately won an important tournament in Kazakhstan and plans to participate in the US Open in New York.

The project team has managed to reach an agreement with a big sport media that can potentially attract 250,000 more users who like sports. Additional talks on ad contracts with star players are held.

Eight different cities – Beijing, Shanghai, Schengen, Quanzhou, Hong Kong, Singapore, Seoul and Tokyo are planned to be in the road show the TokenStars are planning to host.

This project has some good start conditions and, obviously huge investment sums, it would be interesting to see how blockchain works out in this case.

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