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Tezos Brings the Future of Metaverse With Tezotopia Battles

source-logo  cryptonewsz.com 24 May 2022 09:54, UTC

Tezotopia Battles are not just emerging as a multiplayer game but could potentially change the metaverse outlook of the Tezos ecosystem. This gaming metaverse which has been in the abstract form for a long time, has finally started moving towards becoming a fully functional metaverse. The ambitious roadmap of Tezotopia Battles will provide significant use cases for web3 in the future.

Tezotopia Battles, which had stayed on paper until recently, is getting the attention of GameFi and Metaverse enthusiasts on Tezos. The idea for this GameFi project came from the visionary mind of Joab Garza, the Founder and Creative Director of Gif.games. Despite being a GameFi project, Tezotopia Battles are being recognized for its ability to build a metaverse ecosystem.

The gameplay of Tezotopia is reminiscent of the battle strategy games. Players can choose and deploy their units to battle with others to win rewards and prizes. A game takes around 15-20 minutes and involves exciting features and a cool interface to keep it thrilling.

Soon after the launch, it was pointed out that the game had no specific system for matchmaking during the battles. The Tezotopia team has assigned specific values and limits to the units when they are being used in battles to rectify this issue. It balances the games by matching opponents of the same value for a fair gaming experience.

But it must be noted that the gameplay is not the only thing to look for in this amazing game. The P2E model of the game offers exclusive loot boxes with tokens and collectibles with real value across the Tezos ecosystem.

The team has still listed some of the assets at the original price, and players can acquire the items for a much more reasonable price than in any other market. And what is more, the project offers some top-end artworks with cool designs to represent yourself in Tezotopia.

Thanks to the several giveaways meant to drive community engagement for the project, taking part in it is more profitable than ever. Moreover, the work toward the project’s launch has started months before the actual date driving demand for it. After nearly a month since going live, even the secondary market for Tezotopia is all busy.

As an emerging project, Tezotopis still has some downsides that are often negligible. According to Joab Garza from Gif.games, the wait time is one of the impactful side effects of using blockchain technology for the game. To address this issue, the team is developing a new function that would not only allow them to enter games quickly but also lock large units.

Nonetheless, the gameplay is considered secondary to the overall experience of Tezotopia because the project is believed to enhance the metaverse functions of the Tezos ecosystem greatly.