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Just-In: Axie Infinity Suffers Another Hack, This Time On Discord

coingape.com 18 May 2022 09:54, UTC
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Axie Infinity on Wednesday said the MEE6 bot on its main server was hacked. The team said the hackers used the MEE6 bot to add permissions to a fake Jiho account, making fake announcements about a mint. MEE6 is a Discord bot that allows admins to automatically give and remove roles and send messages.

Many projects having the MEE6 bot installed on their servers faced similar issues. RTFKT, PROOF/Moonbirds, PXN, Memeland, Cool Cats among others reported their admin accounts compromised.

MEE6 Discord Bot Compromised

Axie Infinity claims the announcements showing a special mint have been deleted. However, some users may still see the message and require restarting their Discord. The Axie Infinity team also stated:

“We have removed the Mee6 bot from the server and will never do a surprise mint.”

The team will continue to provide updates on the incident to its users on Twitter, Discord, Substack, and Facebook simultaneously.

As per MEE6 official support, MEE6 is not hacked, but admins in the servers were compromised which allows attackers to use MEE6 features to post messages.

Axie Infinity team and community are having a rough time after the recent Ronin bridge hack in which $625 million were stolen. The popularity of the play-to-earn game has severely declined, with many top players leaving Axie Infinity.

According to Discord security experts, the hackers have probably first attacked admin accounts to create a reaction role feature from MEE6 to give an alternate account admin. Utilizing the method, attackers send webbook messages while hiding the compromised administrator account. The best solution is to remove MEE6/the webbooks immediately, rather than trying to identify the compromised account.

Axie Infinity Reaches Inflection Point

Axie Infinity project seems to be failing as delays and hacks have grabbed the developers. The Axie Infinity community has been furious over the delays in launching Land and rewards for the game. Many players have even left the game as the project continues to suffer hacks. The price of AXS tokens has also dived from a high of $160 to $20 in just 6 months.

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