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DO NOT DeFi Today. Domain Hijacking Issues

www.altcoinbuzz.io 14 May 2022 14:54, UTC
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GoDaddy is the world’s biggest domain registrar. And like all things centralized, that can sometimes lead to problems when there is a central point of failure. So here is the warning for today Saturday, May 14th. Do NOT DeFi today. Your tokens could get stolen.

What is Domain Hijacking?

Domain hijacking covers a few different tactics to try to illegally transfer ownership from its legal owner to someone else. The particularly difficult part is many send phishing emails to try to get your data but those emails look official with GoDaddy (in this case) signature when they are not.

GoDaddy has been hacked. This means people who think they are getting legit communication from these sites are not. It’s phishing.

Twitter Reacts

It’s all over Twitter. PLEASE be very careful.

🚨🚨 There are lots of reports that some massive web3 domains have been hijacked, likely due to a GoDaddy vulnerability

Etherscanc, dextools, quick swap etc

Be extra careful transacting today and triple check everything from official sources.

As always, be hyper vigilant. 🚨🚨

— zeneca.eth (🔮,🔥) (@Zeneca_33) May 14, 2022

🚨Large scale hack on Godaddy🚨Speculation is that hacker might have used Godaddy’s account recovery method to hack accounts of multiple defi websites. I am hearing that even Etherscan might be compromised. Please exercise caution in using any defi app for now! https://t.co/edBt9TllFf

— Sandeep – Use Stripe on Polygon 💜 (@sandeepnailwal) May 14, 2022

This affects many biggies including Quickswap and possibly even Etherscan.

Spiritswap is affected too.


Initially we thought the issue may have been with AWS, however after further diagnosis, we have identified that the hacker has managed to exploit Godaddy, essentially they have hijacked our domain and copied our codebase and in the process changed the swap parameters

— SpiritSwap (@Spirit_Swap) May 13, 2022

Bottom line, if you don’t have to transact today, then don’t. No one knows when this we will see things return to normal.

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