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PeckShield Detects Phishing Sites Impersonating Solana-based Web3 App

cryptopotato.com 26 April 2022 12:19, UTC
Reading time: ~2 m

The Web3 landscape appears ripe for cybercriminals as they continue to either craft new technical attacks or replicate phishing techniques of the past to dupe victims.

While Web3 promises enhanced security in the form of blockchain-based architecture, malicious entities are translating old threats into the new space. Web2-style attacks such as phishing campaigns continue to pose a threat.

  • In the latest development, the prominent Blockchain analytics company, PeckShield revealed detecting a slew of phishing websites impersonating – Stepn – which happens to be a Solana-based Web3 lifestyle app.
  • It is a fitness app enabling users to access in-game features. This includes – minting virtual sneakers, upgrading “gems,” and participating in governance voting.
  • PeckShield said the attackers operate by inserting a false MetaMask browser plugin, thereby letting them steal seed phrases from unsuspecting users of the platform.
  • Once the attackers get hold of the seed phrase, they may prompt users to connect their wallets or even “Claim” giveaway, according to the security company.
  • Stepn is yet to comment on the matter.
  • The latest news comes just days after users on Terra network lost a massive $4.3 million to a phishing scam.
  • As reported earlier, the major chunk of the attacks was carried out via google phishing ads.
  • Last week, Ethereum’s non-custodial wallet, MetaMask, issued a warning to Apple users to be on alert about iCloud phishing attacks as consumers face the risk of losing all their funds if their password “isn’t strong enough.”

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