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McAfee: a new scam exploits the influencer’s name

en.cryptonomist.ch 06 October 2020 02:00, UTC
Reading time: ~2 m

Yesterday morning some Twitter profiles were added to a list titled “John” by an elusive John McAfee profile, which promises a particular giveaway in exchange of money, but in reality it’s just another scam.

McAfee scam

Once tagged, this is what you can read in the post:

“Hello, friends! I want to say thank you for your activity and I decided to give you cryptocurrency. Go to mcafeemoney.com”.

How the fake John McAfee’s scam works

The link on the website refers to a Medium blog that is said to be “official” but is not. By the way, as you can see in the previous image, the Twitter profile of this fake McAfee would have only 1636 members, when the real one has millions.

As said, this is obviously a scam. Apart from the peculiarity of tagging people in a Twitter list, also to make it seem the most exclusive thing, for the rest this giveaway is similar to others: they promise Bitcoin and Ethereum but to receive them you have to send 0.5 BTC or 10 ETH.

Basically criminals would steal these funds and poor users would receive nothing in return. 

Also the comments under the post are false, probably made by accomplices of criminals or fake profiles.

The other cryptocurrency scams on Twitter

The interesting thing is that the Twitter profile linked to McAfee’s Medium blog no longer exists and the account name also referred to Elon Musk, famous for being the protagonist without his knowledge of many other scams.

Some time ago Twitter was the protagonist of a big hack where 130 profiles had been compromised, with very popular people between them like Bill Gates. In the same way, these posts made by criminals promised prizes in cryptocurrency.

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