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Video unboxing and demo of the SafePal S1 hardware wallet

neonewstoday.com 22 November 2019 09:50, UTC
Reading time: ~1 m

Neo News Today has published a video introduction to the S1 hardware wallet by SafePal, showing what’s in the box and demoing the user experience of sending and receiving assets. SafePal recently integrated NEO, GAS, and NEP-5 support.

The S1 wallet handles all interactions, such as signing transactions, through the use of QR codes, and offers anti-tampering mechanisms to ensure that the private key cannot be extracted from the device.

The SafePal user manual may be found here, which shows how to get set up with a new hardware wallet. Users will be required to download a companion wallet app for their Android or iOS device in order to use the S1 wallet.

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