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Major Windows Vulnerability Used to Install Cryptocurrency Miners


www.cryptoglobe.com 04 November 2019 23:00, UTC
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The BlueKeep Microsoft Windows vulnerability, which has put users on edge over its potential impact, has been used to install a cryptocurrency miner on vulnerable computers. 

In June, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), the cyber division of Homeland Security, announced that it had exploited BlueKeep to gain access to user computers. BlueKeep functions as a wormable attack, thereby allowing one infected computer to gain access to all other devices on the network. 

A new report by Kryptos Logic claims that the first in-the-wild BlueKeep exploit has been used to install vulnerable systems with cryptocurrency miners. While most community members were expecting worse from the exploit, such as data wipes or other malicious effects, the worm still has the potential to infect a large set of computers. As of August, more than 735,000 devices are still displaying the vulnerability. 

Microsoft recommended all users to patch their operating system to avoid being at risk for the exploit. 

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