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The Sandbox Co-founder’s Twitter Account Was Hacked With Scam Airdrop


news.coincu.com 26 May 2023 18:13, UTC
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The Sandbox reminds users not to click on the link but to report the post so it can be blocked. Currently, the team is working to shut down the site and fix it as soon as possible.

Currently, according to information obtained by Coincu, Madrid’s account is working normally and the tweet containing the airdrop scam link has been deleted.

Since the SAND token is a utility token in The Sandbox ecosystem, it serves as the foundation for Sandbox transactions and interactions. The SAND token has been airdropped, but no additional airdrop information has been publicly disclosed.

Phishing is a sort of crypto fraud in which victims are duped into handing up their private keys or personal information. To acquire the victim’s confidence, the attacker usually disguises himself as a reputable institution or person. When the victim has been duped, the attacker utilizes their personal information to steal their crypto.

The Sandbox Co-founder's Twitter Account Was Hacked With Scam Airdrop

As hackers and cyber assaults get more sophisticated, phishing schemes are becoming more widespread. Several attacks are directed at wallets, cryptocurrency exchanges, and initial coin offerings (ICOs). As a result, crypto users must be informed of how they operate in order to safeguard themselves and their cash.

The most frequent sort of social engineering is phishing, which is the activity of tricking, forcing, or manipulating individuals into providing information or assets to incorrect people. For success, social engineering assaults depend on human mistakes and pressure techniques.

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