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SyncDex.Finance accused of rug pulling investors 

source-logo  crypto.news 13 April 2023 07:37, UTC

Syncdex.Finance has orchestrated a rug pull scam on its investors, carting away roughly 200 ETH. The project has reportedly deleted its social media handles.

SyncDex_Finance, a zkSync-based decentralized finance project, has reportedly scammed its users for roughly 200 ETH (roughly $383k at the time).

According to zkSync Hub DAO, the platform has muted users’ comments on Twitter, adding lots of words to its ban list on Telegram and Discord to instantly block users raising concerns over the anomalies on the platform.

The project has also locked its ETH/USDT staking pool, making it impossible for users to withdraw their funds.

It’s 100# scam @SyncDex_Finance will do a rug pull 💯. Mark my words . Detailed explanation threads 🧵 to be followed #rugpull #SyncDex_Finance @SnarkLaunch #SnarkLaunch #zkSync https://t.co/7BFWMBZfkk pic.twitter.com/p6k07qCxM4

— zkSync Hub DAO (@ZksyncHubDAO) April 11, 2023

In related news, artificial intelligence-based DeFi platform Harvest Keeper orchestrated a rug pull heist, draining about $709,000 USDT from the platform.