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Shibarium Scam Website Targets Shiba Inu (SHIB) Users' Wallets: Details


u.today 22 February 2023 15:59, UTC
Reading time: ~2 m

"SHIBARMY CANADA" Twitter account (@Dezaxe) has posted a message on Twitter to warn the SHIB community about a new Shibarium scam website.

Shibarium scammers trying to access users' wallets

User "SHIBARMY CANADA" tweeted that he has come across a scam Shibarium website, which offers to connect users' wallets. He warned that those who have done that may lose all their crypto assets and stated that the SHIB army should wait for an announcement from official channels about the launch of Shibarium.

As of late, the only official channel for this news has become the Twitter account of the SHIB lead developer known as Shytoshi Kusama and his Telegram group, called "All Things Shibarium."


There are people promoting the scam #SHIBARIUM website above#SHIBARIUM is NOT released, if you connect your wallet on this site you will lose everything

Wait for official announcement from official channels

Don't fall into the trap and be safe guys pic.twitter.com/fiYchmQWsd

— SHIBARMY CANADA (@Dezaxe) February 21, 2023

When rebuked that this warning came too late, @Dezaxe reminded the commentator that he is trying to help people as a volunteer. He mentioned that the SHIB team used to have a whole team of people whose job was to search the web for SHIB scams full-time but that they were all dismissed by Shytoshi Kusama.

You must know that I am a volunteer who gives his time to try to help people as best as I can, it is possible for me to catch all the scams the minute that they appear

There was a defense team that was doing this full time before shytoshi fired them, it is what it is

— SHIBARMY CANADA (@Dezaxe) February 21, 2023

Earlier, U.Today reported about scammers creating a fake BLUR token and making an airdrop with it via Coinbase and other popular and respected platforms. A fake SHIBARIUM project was also spotted, made with the goal of draining users of their crypto ahead of the much-awaited launch of Shibarium Layer-2 platform for the Shiba Inu network.

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