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Azuki says Twitter account compromised after posts promote virtual land scam


www.theblock.co 27 January 2023 20:19, UTC
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The blue-chip NFT project Azuki said Friday that its Twitter account had been compromised, with apparent hackers posting two tweets that prompted users to claim virtual land. One tweet was pinned to the top of Azuki's timeline for maximum visibility.

The post scammers made on Azuki's hacked Twitter account. Do not enter the website.

Azuki officials alerted followers of the scam and instructed people not to click any links. Azuki's Head of Community & Product Manager, who goes by Dem, confirmed that the Twitter account was compromised on their personal account.

The incident comes just two days after Robinhood, a crypto-friendly investment app, saw its Twitter account compromised. Twitter and Azuki did not immediately respond to requests for comment from The Block.

Azuki's Head of Community and Product Manager confirming the hack on their personal Twitter account.

The unauthorized posts play on Azuki's newly launched virtual world called Hilumia that is designed to be an expanding virtual city that combines physical and digital elements.

The Block identified two wallets that appear to be associated with the scam posts, with one containing over 468 ETH ($782,000).

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