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Indian bank Kotak Mahindra closes account of crypto user


www.chepicap.com 14 January 2019 08:50, UTC
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A major Indian bank is apparently taking action against customers that use cryptocurrencies. Kotak Mahindra shut down the account of one woman for making a crypto transaction.

Indian Crypto Girl (@DesiCryptoHodlr) posted the evidence of the banks's activities on Twitter. According to a letter she received, her account was being closed due to "online transaction(s) dealing in Bitcoin or a virtual currency". It claims that "the regulator" has mandated the banks to close accounts who do transactions in BTC or other cryptos, and it is following the necessary procedure.

"We noticed you did a transaction involving crypto, hence, we will close your account within 30 days"

- Kotak Mahindra Bank

P.S: Glad they're doing it for me pic.twitter.com/JIWzeU54i5

— Indian CryptoGirl (@DesiCryptoHodlr) January 12, 2019

Although banks closing customer accounts that are linked to crypto is not a new phenomenon, it happens more often when a business has been conducting unregistered crypto activities on a relatively large scale, and assets are frozen by the bank, pending legal action. Taking action against individual retail customers is still relatively rare.

Indian Banks now forcefully taking permission from us to 'reserve right to close our account without further intimation' if we deal in #cryptocurrency transactions

Ability to decide what to do with our own money is the very reason we need to invest, #BUIDL, & believe in #bitcoin pic.twitter.com/MpP34uqGKe

— Indian CryptoGirl (@DesiCryptoHodlr) January 9, 2019

Not about businesses, they are banned to operate with banks anyways. The common man does not have the option to move his accounts abroad.

— Indian CryptoGirl (@DesiCryptoHodlr) January 10, 2019

This is doubly surprising as Indian financial authorities, while far from crypto-friendly, have still not offcially decided on any clear rules concerning crypto. Warnings have been issued by state police against investing in crypto, and the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has stated that crypto has no legal protection or permission, but the RBI also claimed that cryptos are "not a threat" and its position on their usage may be due to change in the near future.

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