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Crypto conflict between Mark Cuban and Preston Pysh escalates


bctd.news 25 January 2022 08:48, UTC
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American billionaire Mark Cuban and BuffettsBooks.com founder Preston Pysh had a verbal quarrel, which was caused by Cuban's post on Twitter, where he angrily spoke about annoying crypto advertising.

“I would pay Twitter for the hashtag and account filter. Cryptocurrency spam on this social network is out of control,” Mark Cuban tweeted.

Perhaps Preston Pysh was outraged that the billionaire is an adherent of cryptocurrency. This opinion, by the way, is shared by many Western media. That is why Cuban’s statement caused such a reaction, because, in fact, the man publicly declared his “dislike” for digital assets, starting to contradict his ideals.

“Weren’t you pumping Dogecoin in early May? Now its value has dropped by 80%, especially after posting your tweet,” Preston Pysh commented on the tweet.

Pysh, by the way, is an entrepreneur, author, and supporter of cryptocurrencies. His financial investment videos are viewed by millions of people around the world.

Pysh was most infuriated by the fact that Cuban had recently spoken publicly about his devotion to digital assets.

“Dogecoin includes so many virtues that this digital asset could easily become a currency with global reach,” Cuban wrote on his page.

In this context, it is worth noting that Mark Cuban, in an interview with well-known media, spoke ambiguously about different cryptocurrencies. From his words, we can conclude that he sympathizes with Dogecoin (DOGE), but not Bitcoin (BTC). He also recently stated that BTC will never be insurance against risks in the financial market. Also, in his opinion, it is better to use DOGE for payments, but not to keep the asset as the main cryptocurrency to further profit from the growth of its value.

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