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Buying groceries with crypto will soon be available in South Africa


www.chepicap.com 06 April 2019 18:00, UTC
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Pundi X Labs partners with local exchange, DoshEX providing banking-like facilities for South African's unbanked populations.

Seems like crypto adoption will come earlier in South Africa. Millions of South Africans who don’t have access to banks will soon be helped with the presence of Pundi X’s XPASS cards.

The cards will enable them not only to purchase various cryptocurrencies, but also to buy daily needs in retail stores in the country.

Moreover, users can top up the smart cards in any XPOS devices that will be installed in various locations across the country.

The above banking-like facilities can be obtained without the users’ having to have a bank account beforehand with Pundi X’s blockchain-based technology.

The global payment ecosystem company just announced its collaboration with local South African crypto exchange, DoshEX.

“XPOS is the easy, affordable access point into crypto for mainstream retailers and consumers… Now, an XPASS card loaded with crypto enables ordinary people to embrace the crypto-future, including millions of unbanked South Africans,” said Zac Cheah, Pundi X Lab’s CEO about the partnership and technology.

Cheah also expected that the collaboration will attract not only the unbanked population in the country, but also those who are already familiar with banking and trading services, as reported by NewsBTC.

DoshEX’s CEO, Alex de Bruyn considered the partnership as essential. Quoting his statement, “It was essential to roll out trusted and proven technology as our objective is to rapidly build South Africa’s first point-of-sale cryptocurrency network. This is why we partnered with Pundi X.”

South Africa is not the only city in the world that can expect the use of blockchain-based technology for daily lives. Just a couple of days ago, it was reported that the city of Kiev is looking at the possibility of using Bitcoin as a means of payment for public transportation.

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Japan is also reported to have been considering integrating cryptocurrency in their national public transportation card.

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Meanwhile, a city in Ontario, Canada is currently implementing a program that allows their residents to pay property tax in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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