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Heidi Fleiss – The Hollywood Ex-Madam Files a $4 Million Bitcoin Lawsuit Against Friend


blockmanity.com 26 February 2019 19:30, UTC
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Heidi Fleiss, popularly known as the Hollywood Madam, has recently filed a lawsuit worth $4 million Bitcoin against a former friend, alleging cryptocurrency theft.

Heidi Fleiss, the ex-madam that catered to the rich and famous of Hollywood, is among those individuals who are fascinated by investing in Bitcoin. Fleiss was a notorious madam, a woman who ran a prostitution ring that operated in Hollywood. She started the prostitution business in 1990, and made a million dollars in a span of four months. It was in 1994 when her business crashed down in 1994 due to federal charges. She was convicted of tax evasion and sentenced to 37 months behind bars.

In 2015, Fleiss received a sizeable inheritance from her father’s estate. She decided to invest the money in order to fund her goal of helping preserve the endangered macaw parrot species. She invested the inherited money into Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies through a friend, Elizabeth Keatinge. The former famed madam gave her friend $1 million to invest and help manage her investments.

Later in 2017, when Fleiss decided to capitalize on her investment, but Keatinge refused to return money or give her access to the cryptocurrency accounts. She claims that the accounts were jointly owned – which Fleiss has denied saying that Keatinge did not invest any money or work on the accounts.

Fleiss has now filed a Bitcoin lawsuit for $4 million claiming that Keatinge and her husband are converting the cryptocurrencies into fiat for their own personal use. She claims that they have stolen substantial amounts of funds, which has thwarted her life and ruined her financial security. According to Fleiss, she is owed in excess of $4 million in damages.

Bitcoins to help the Parrots were stolen by Elizabeth Keatinge #bitcoinliarthief pic.twitter.com/Qta2C4nbGC

— Heidi Fleiss (@HeidiFleiss3) December 31, 2017

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