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Temenos Announces the Official Launch of CEO Navigator


www.financemagnates.com 18 May 2022 02:15, UTC
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Temenos, a SIX-listed banking software company, announced on Tuesday that it launched Temenos CEO Navigator, a subscription-based customer value benchmarking and advisory service. According to the press release, the service provides C-level banking executives with unique insight into optimizing their technology investments for business growth.

The survey-based strategic service provides banks with the business and IT metrics they need to track and improve profitability while discovering the drivers of performance and value creation. Over 100 retail banks, corporate banks, and private banks across the globe participate in Temenos’ value benchmark program.

Regardless of which Temenos solutions a bank runs, the CEO Navigator analyzes over 50,000 data points regarding financial and operational metrics along with qualitative best practices across the entire banking value chain to offer exclusive insights to banking leaders. For example, in terms of healthier cost-income ratios and improved return on equity, they can assess how specific bank best practices and solution capabilities drive high performance. Temenos CEO Navigator tracks metrics and best practices across these five pillars to help drive bank performance.

Also, Temenos CEO Navigator indicates that over 100 banks analyzed by the company had industry-leading cost-income ratios, which were half the industry average, and almost three times higher returns on equity than average.

“Temenos CEO Navigator is an industry-leading customer advisory service that distills Temenos’ almost 30 years of banking IP into powerful business insights for our clients. Every insight delivered to the bank is completely software-agnostic and based on interactive sessions between the bank’s executives and our strategy consultants across the entire banking value chain. This program is unique in terms of reach, number and type of banks and the depth of data, and offers executive teams a blueprint on how to run a successful bank,” Kanika Hope, Chief Strategy Officer at Temenos, commented.

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