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'If you don't own any BTC, then buy it NOW regardless of price' says Bobby Lee

www.chepicap.com 02 December 2018 04:00, UTC
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Co-founder of BTCChina and crypto commentator Bobby Lee, took to Twitter where he gave advice to his 80.4K Twitter followers on when to buy and sell BTC.

Just last week, Bobby Lee took to Twitter to say that the bottom for BTC is not here until capitulation occurs, which he predicted will leave Bitcoin at $3000. However, the good news is that Bitoin has made some gains since then, as it's now trading at $4,268, up 5.91% since yesterday.

Today he lets his Twitter followers know when they should buy and sell BTC.

When to BUY #Bitcoin?
1) if you understand that it’s #revolutionary as new #SoundMoney
2) if you dont own any / dont own enough
3) then buy it NOW regardless of price

When to SELL Bitcoin?
1) if you’ve made 20x return or more
2) then sell SOME to diversify, but NEVER sell it all

— Bobby Lee (@bobbyclee) December 1, 2018

He directs his tweet mainly to those who haven't yet bought into BTC and advices them to start buying now, regardless of price.

Many have claimed recently that we might be close to bottom, so this could be the last time that you can pick up some Bitcoin 'on the cheap'.

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Bobby Lee continues by pointing out how important it is to HODL your Bitcoins.

'Have faith', he says, 'have patience and don’t panic sell.

'Bitcoin is hard to understand. Many have/will mistakenly let go too early!'

Once you do BUY #Bitcoin, #HODL it tight, as it’ll likely go DOWN some (even 80%+ in some cases) before it goes UP (for your eventual 20x to 100x+ return).
Have #faith, have #patience and don’t panic sell. Bitcoin is hard to understand. Many have/will mistakenly let go too early!

— Bobby Lee (@bobbyclee) December 1, 2018

His followers seem to agree with Bobby Lee's 'wise words of the day'.

Yes, and dont sell your bitcoin now at a loss. Hold on, dont let the bullies shake the coins out of your pokets. Strong Hands 👊

— rel= 'bitcoin'🥇 (@btcmain) December 1, 2018

Surely sell more than I did in December 2017!😆
At least to buy more when the price goes down.

— Emi Lacapra (@emylacapra) December 1, 2018

Nice.. to 2:: You never have enough at least if you have less than 21mio BTC 😂

— Torty Cash (@TortyCash) December 1, 2018

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