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The Outspeaking President’s silence on the Ukraine War is strange


www.thecoinrepublic.com 02 March 2022 01:00, UTC
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Organization of American States made a joint statement condemning Russian invasion in Ukraine meanwhile El Salvador was absent 

It’s been five days since the Russia-Ukraine war has started. Many international forums, institutions, and countries have stated their opinions. Most of them condemned and criticized Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 

To this day, Central American country El Salvador has not stated anything about the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. Now El Salvador’s media outlets themselves started hitting out at the government and President Nayib Bukele for their so-called silence on the matter. 

El Salvador’s one of the leading morning newspapers, El Diario de Hoy, is known for its hostile and antagonistic attitude towards President Nayib Bukele in most matters. The online edition of the newspaper that is ElSalvador.com, reported that Bukele had an unexplained silence and indeterminacy regarding the issue. 

The media venue in its report referred to the incident of an extraordinary session of the Organization of American States (OAS) on 25 Feb. The OAS has 34 member countries. The session’s agenda held on Friday was to issue a joint statement on the Russian-Ukraine war. 

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Out of 34 member countries, 24 countries were jointly made the statement during the session, excluding El Salvador. Per reports, the group stated that they strongly condemned the Russian Federation’s illegal, unprovoked and unjustified invasion of Ukraine and called out for the Russian military’s immediate withdrawal. 

El Salvador didn’t sign the declaration as the media outlet wrote about it. Country’s representative Agustin Vásquez didn’t speak out throughout the session. Only the Salvadoran government has not taken or declared its position in the entire region regarding the issue.

This also matters and seems a surprising element because it is not Nayib Bukele’s nature at all. El Salvador’s President is known for his outspeaking and open attitude. He’s one of those politicians who has suggestions or points to make on almost every situation or incident. 

But his silence over the burning issue or current time keeps the image in skepticism and creates doubt regarding El Salvador and the President’s stand. Being a native American country, it becomes crucial for El Salvador to make its stance clear and preferably against Russian invasion; otherwise, there are chances of the country being treated as Venezuela and Nicaragua, countries facing sanctions for their displeasing behavior towards the US and its interests. 

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