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Reeward.io Launches Enjin-Powered NFT Integration for Telegram


sludgefeed.com 29 January 2020 15:50, UTC
Reading time: ~2 m

Reeward.io, a marketing startup focused on improving loyalty and rewards programs with non-fungible tokens (NFTs), announced this week that it has launched the beta version of its Enjin-powered Telegram integration.

According to the announcement, Reward.io users can now send and receive Ethereum-1155 tokens in any Telegram group chat. The functionality is driven by a Telegram bot that users can easily engage with using this link. Once set up, group administrators and moderators can distribute NFTs to group members using the /reeward and /clickcode text commands.

Group admins can prepare /clickcode rewards for the entire group. (Reeward.io)

“Once the Reeward.io Builder launches, any project will be able to adopt the Reeward.io platform and take advantage of all available integrations, including Telegram,” stated the Reeward.io team. “…Once your user has their Reeward.io account linked to Telegram, dropping rewards into their inventory is almost too easy.”

Reeward.io has also built out a suite of complementary products to go with the Telegram bot, including games of chance and quizzes.

“This entire Telegram integration is built on top of our new API, a system that enables Enjin-backed items to flow in and out of different games and platforms,” added the Reeward.io team. “We’ve already completed an incredible integration with Forgotten Artifacts, and as we speak, we are currently working on integrations with Discord, Twitch, WordPress, and Minecraft.”

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