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Will ChatGPT’s Recent Upgrade Power A New Era For Crypto?

source-logo  coinedition.com 29 September 2023 06:46, UTC

On September 27, OpenAI founder Sam Altman confirmed that ChatGPT can now browse the internet to provide the correct information alongside source links, and is no longer limited to data from September 2021. ChatGPT is already a popular tool for crypto price predictions, however, its limited knowledge formed a restriction till now. ?cq

we are so back https://t.co/rPpYdQuTpP

— Sam Altman (@sama) September 27, 2023

News platform Finbold is especially popular for publishing coin value predictions by ChatGPT. A recent article published yesterday discussed three cryptos to buy and hold, featuring Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Cardano for their fixed supply, proof-of-stake, and robust community, respectively. Additionally, it noted,

Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools such as ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, can be valuable allies to investors who are looking to gather and collate complex pieces of information quickly, that can help in due diligence and decision-making.

Web3 entrepreneur and marketeer, Stacy Muur tweeted a few days ago what ChatGPT believes the future of web3 includes. ChatGPT’s response highlighted that crypto will be globally accepted by 2024, accompanied by widespread adoption of decentralized identity systems in 2025, with DeFi replacing traditional financial services by 2026. Moreover, it foresaw DAOs, blockchain in healthcare, and an energy-efficient, environmentally conscious blockchain ecosystem becoming prominent by 2035.

ChatGPT’s contribution to the crypto industry isn’t just limited to making predictions. Back in June, Elliptic, a firm specializing in managing crypto risks announced they have incorporated ChatGPT into its intelligence and research operations. Through the integration, Elliptic seeks to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of its research and allow investigator teams to identify emerging risk factors, and manage larger volumes of risks.

Additionally, the Solana Foundation announced ChatGPT integration into its network in May. After the update, Solana introduced a new plugin that enables users to directly check wallet balances, transfer tokens, and even purchase NFTs with Solana through ChatGPT.