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Cryptocurrency Influencer "BitBoy" Detained in Live Broadcast

source-logo  cryptonews.net 26 September 2023 11:24, UTC
Odero Kester

In a startling turn of events in the cryptocurrency world, Benjamin Charles Armstrong, previously recognised by the alias "BitBoy," was allegedly detained by local law enforcement while live-streaming from the residence of a former business associate.

Armstrong, a prominent figure in the cryptocurrency industry, accused his ex-colleague of absconding with his prized Lamborghini, setting off a chain of events that captivated viewers worldwide.

Armstrong, known for his YouTube presence, had teased a "special location" for his live broadcast, piquing the curiosity of his followers. Approximately an hour later, he was broadcasting from the home of Carlos Diaz, a consultant and nonfungible token investor reportedly associated with the Hit Network.

Bitboy snap | Source: X(Formerly Twitter)

During the live stream, Armstrong made shocking allegations against Diaz, claiming that he "wanted to kill him" and had connections with the Houston underworld. His heated outburst included defiant taunts: "I'm not terrified of you, Carlos!" Nearly 19 minutes into the broadcast, local law enforcement confronted Armstrong, prompting a tense exchange regarding the possession of firearms.

As tensions escalated, Armstrong was instructed to put down his phone, and the next 17 minutes of the broadcast plunged into darkness while snippets of his conversation with the police lingered in the background.

The Gwinnett County, Georgia, Sheriff's Office officially booked Benjamin Charles Armstrong on September 25 at 9:11 PM local time, signalling a turning point in his tumultuous day. Carlos Diaz confirmed Armstrong's visit to his residence on September 26 through a social media post, shedding light on the unfolding events.

Crypto Community Reacts

In the wake of Armstrong's detention, the cryptocurrency community buzzed with reactions. A blockchain investigator using the pseudonym "ZachXBT" expressed a sense of justice, stating, "Will always celebrate one of the most notorious bad actors in crypto finally getting karma."

ZachXBT snap | Source: X(Formerly Twitter)

This incident is the latest in a series of controversies involving Armstrong. In late August, Hit Network, the entity behind the "BitBoy Crypto" brand, severed ties with Armstrong, citing drug addiction and financial harm to staff as the primary reasons. Legal battles ensued, with various parties initiating and subsequently dropping lawsuits.

On September 20th, Armstrong took an unconventional approach by soliciting financial support from the cryptocurrency community to cover his legal expenses, which garnered mixed reactions and further intensified the ongoing disputes.

Bitboy snap | Source: X(Formerly Twitter)

He, however, responded to the accusations by revealing the unfavourable result of a five-panel drug test. He sees this as proof that he is innocent.

FTX Lawsuit Developments

In a related development, Armstrong's involvement in the FTX cryptocurrency exchange lawsuit took an unexpected turn. His legal team submitted paperwork to voluntarily dismiss all accusations against him, marking a significant shift in his legal battles. As of the court date, Armstrong had not filed a response to the claims against him.

In contrast, other high-profile individuals, including Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence, YouTuber Kevin Paffrath, and influencer Tom Nash, have reportedly settled their legal allegations privately. These settlements await judicial approval before they can be removed from the pending case.

The lawsuit against FTX seeks to recover damages paid to former FTX partners, including celebrity endorsers and sports teams, before the company's dissolution. Recent reports highlight ongoing negotiations between the lawsuit's main attorneys and additional celebrities who endorsed FTX, indicating the potential for increased settlement activity.

The legal saga surrounding FTX also intertwines with criminal proceedings against its creator, Sam Bankman-Fried, who faces fraud allegations and is set to stand trial in October. Meanwhile, FTX has reopened its claims system after a security incident.

Ben Armstrong's recent experiences have drawn significant attention and scrutiny. Allegations of fraud, drug abuse, and dismissals from influential cryptocurrency entities have put his reputation on the line. Armstrong vehemently denies these accusations, even releasing negative drug test results to counter substance abuse claims, which were initially cited as grounds for his dismissal.