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OriGensXYZ on Rug Radio: Journey From Zebu Digital to Innovative Flight3 | Blockster


blockster.com 25 May 2023 23:00, UTC
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Flight3, previously known as Zebu Digital, is responsible ffor the most-awaited Web3 conference in 2023 ZebuLive as well as being among the leading Web3 marketing agencies in the space. The rebranding is accompanied by an impressive new website and a brand-new suite of services. Flight3 will now offer comprehensive digital marketing solutions, business development strategies, and technical expertise for Web3 projects and leading blockchain brands across industries.

This conversation featured team members - Flight3 CEO Oliver Yonchev, Jolyon Layard Horsfall, Harry Horsfall and Ashton Barger - four leaders in innovation and pioneers of Web3. With a strong understanding of blockchain and tech, the trio discussed the rebranding to Flight3 and their mission of helping Web3 projects become successful. They shared insights that not only other agencies can learn from but also provided advice for all participants in Web3.

The Process of Rebranding

It's been slightly more than a month since the team was acquired by Steven Bartlett's The Flight Story and decided to rebrand itself to Flight3. Harry Horsfall describes the feeling of excitement as tons of collaborations are now possible and that the rebranding is a great opportunity for them to explore more options. Although it is currently more of an introductory period for these partnerships, a catalyst for growth and innovation is already present within the company.

On April 19th, 2023, Flight Story announced their acquisition of Zebu Digital and teased how marketing is being revolutionized by various technologies. As leaders in the Web3 industry, the expertise from Zebu mixed with the "100 strong" team of marketing aficionados as The Flight Story not only bridges the gap between marketing and technology but also Web3 and traditional brands.

Flying together, the two teams are now one powerful unit, and together they will make a difference in multiple industries helping brands take off to new heights. Oliver Yonchev revealed that a great deal of research was done before making the decision but with a core understanding that marketing is constantly in a state of flux, and opportunities for strategic partnerships should always be pursued.

ZebuLive (The Hottest Web3 Week in London)

The conversion soon shifted towards how ZebuLive integrates well with this new partnership. As a marketing firm that connects with a major networking conference, Flight3 will offer a large-scale Web3 event in London that brings together the most innovative projects, leading VCs, and industry players.

Zebu Live will be held from October 5-6, 2023.
"We want this to be a destination event. This isn't just Zebu Live. This is a Web3 London Week."

Harry Horsfall
Although the event will be two days, there are various (unreleased alpha), activities planned for the week leading up to the event during Web3 London Week. The team is extremely excited and is looking forward to inviting some of the most influential people in Web3 to attend. This is going to be an amazing event and a great opportunity for everyone.

Flight3: Bringing Innovation To Life

Whether it be NFT activations, blockchain-powered marketing campaigns, or state-of-the-art experiences Flight3 is determined to bring innovation and Web3 to life. By integrating blockchain technologies with advanced marketing capabilities, Flight3 sets the stage for an entirely new way of doing things.

Flight3 is looking to help Web2 brands take the first steps into Web3 while also showing how established Web3 brands can take their projects to the next level. Educating both sides while ultimately creating masterpieces of marketing and Web3 innovation, puts this agency in a class of its own. Flight3 will become the trusted partner for brands looking to stay ahead of the curve and propel their projects to success.

Why This New Team Makes Sense

As the name implies, community marketing is a form of marketing that involves leveraging the power of people and their connections to build successful campaigns. Flight3 understands this and is looking to be at the forefront, helping projects develop a strong core following. Through ZebuLive, it is easy to see how Flight3 is looking to make a difference in the marketing industry.

Storytelling is another major concept that the best marketing professionals understand. By unlocking the honest stories that Web3 has to offer, this industry can reach new potential. Tapping into the unique stories that lie at the heart of blockchain technology and evaluating how these can be applied to marketing strategies will be a major focus for Flight3.

Exploring Flight3's Team Dynamics

The meeting of these minds is shaping the future. Each team member is leaving each day with new thoughts and never before seen ideas. Oliver Yonchev's expands on how there are tons of opportunities. Onboarding the mainstream is at the forefront of the agency's mission.

Everyone is curious about where the journey will take Flight3. There are tons of unknowns but the team is exploring them every day. When the market conditions are tough, it's the curiosity of the team that brings out the best in Flight3.'

ZebuLive (Alpha Revealed)

The conversion circled back around to ZebuLive to conclude. First off, the venue is off the charts. Located in the heart of London, the venue enables Flight3 to create absolutely mind-blowing exhibitions and experiences featuring some of their clients. Through Web experiences and a strong clientele, Zebu Live will showcase the growing potential of blockchain technology when it comes to the marketing of brands.

With workshop stations being included at the event, live testing is available for participants. Web3 gaming demos will also be present as well as NFT galleries featuring leading artists in the London Web3 scene. The open space allows people from various walks of life to show the potential of Web3 along with their unique skills.

ThirdWeb is known for its Shopify integrations and the team used this guest as an example of how the event will bring people together from both business and creative sides.

Stage presentations from leading Web3 fashion brands are also expected at the event. New York and Miami are destination events but London is quickly becoming one as well with ZebuLive and the efforts of Flight3. This story is just getting started and the previous success combined with new partnerships is an indication of what’s to come...

As a closing note, I should say that I am truly part to be Flight3 Advisor for the upcoming ZebuLive conference coming to London this October.

By bringing the best of web3 fashion scene and organising activations around digital fashion scene in London, I have a chance to work alongside the best builders in the space from the Flight3 team. Thank you for this chance to learn from you and bring my vision for the fashion scene to ZebuLive.

Make sure you get the tickets before all alpha is leaked and it is too late!

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