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Red Planet Inu – Is Elon Musk Working on a Cryptocurrency for Settlers on Mars?


beincrypto.com 03 October 2022 07:10, UTC
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Red Planet Inu might be just around the corner. We are just two years out from SpaceX’s projected launch to Mars. And Elon Musk looks like he has plans for a Mars Coin.

Dr. Robert Zubrin is the Founder and President of the Mars Society. He says there are three reasons why Mars should be the goal of any space program.

“In short, it’s because Mars is where the science is. It is where the challenges are, and it’s where the future is. Five hundred years from now, people are not going to remember which faction came out on top in Iraq or Syria or whatever. They will remember what we did to make their civilization possible. This is the most important thing we could do at this time. If you have it in your power to do something great and important and wonderful then you should.”

Scientists have been working out how to sustain life on Mars for years. They have even been working out how to farm on Mars. Farming is a necessity, seeing as it will probably be a one-way trip.

Red Planet Inu and Elon Musk

Elon Musk has made his interest in setting up a colony on Mars widely known. Musk often talks about what the future Mars colony will look like. He has joked previously about the idea of future drinking dens on the Red Planet being called “Mars bars.”

In fact, Elon has even joked about nuking Mars.

Musk wants to drop nuclear weapons over Mars’ poles. The theory is that it will help warm up the red planet, making it hospitable to human life. The CO2 trapped inside the red planet’s ice caps will be dispersed, producing a greenhouse effect.

Such social media forays by Musk around Mars do however bring attention to his goal of getting set up on the Red Planet. He has often said that “we don’t know when something is going to happen to the earth.” And, he thinks humanity would do well to colonize Mars before World War III.

To this end, SpaceX has invested billions of dollars in not only getting to Mars but doing it in a sustainable and cost-effective manner. And this isn’t some far-off pipedream. SpaceX plans for this to happen in 2024 – just two years away.

Musk’s Settlement

So where will Musk’s team settle in? Near water – H2O once flowed across the now-barren terrain of Mars. Some of that water remains locked up in ice. This ice will be a necessity for any future colony.

Currently, SpaceX scientists are trying to work out how to refuel using only the red planet’s natural resources.

Musk’s boring machines will also be needed on Mars. Currently, his high-profile endeavors on earth include making tunnels under Los Angeles, for a future subterranean transportation network. On Mars, such tunnels will be needed to keep future human colonists safe from being bombarded by ionizing radiation.

Early settlements will probably need to be situated in deep subsurface artificial caves. Which is terrible if you had the sci-fi dream of gazing out over the rust-colored Martian surface via floor-to-ceiling windows.

Yet another Musk invention will come into play once the human base gets its basic needs covered. Starlink satellites are owned by SpaceX. They are currently lighting up the night sky on earth – in perfect geometric formations. They supply broadband everywhere, including in previously unreachable locations, like deep in the Australian Outback. And, in Iran.

Starlink will provide vital communication links between colonists on the Red Planet and humans back home.

And let’s not forget Tesla, Musk’s major commercial success in all the cards he holds. It’s not too huge a leap of imagination to imagine autonomous Teslas shuttling around the Martian surface conducting vital tasks.

And, SpaceX’s innovative Tesla battery packs have been photographed stacked up at the starship Production and testing facility in Boca Chica, South Texas. The location was chosen by SpaceX for its proximity to the equator, which is favorable to big rocket launches.

Red Planet Inu – the Currency on Mars?

As more humans move to Mars, there will be a money system needed. Naturally, this will be a cryptocurrency. But which one? Elon Musk recently announced that was interested in launching a MarsCoin, in an interesting exchange with CZ of Binance.

 Except for the fact that one already exists.

Unfortunately for Elon, there is already a MarsCoin – created for the purpose of use on Mars. The mission of MarsCoin originally, back in 2014, was to help fund a mission into space.


Before Elon’s Mars expedition became widely known, going to Mars privately was thought to have a price tag of around $10- $30 billion. So, the altcoin was designed to financially support the first human colony on Mars.

The MarsCoin project donated 400,000 coins to the Mars Society, and 400,000 coins to the now defunct Mars One. Mars One was a project that wanted to send people to live on Mars and create a reality series about life there. While it caught the imagination of people across the world, it was deemed a suicide mission by some people the scientific community and the company subsequently went bankrupt. It is thought that the MarsOne project has donated its Marscoins to the Mars Society.

Will there be a Martian crypto?

While there probably will be a crypto for Mars, it is likely that SpaceEx will be behind it, and the MarsCoin in existence will be ignored. However, the original idea for MarsCoin was a good one.

The idea that hodlers could directly help fund a future Martian colony was tantalizing. Also being an early adopter of a coin that could serve in the financial system for Mars was cool too. Matt Damon would have loved the MarsCoin to buy stuff as he struggled to grow all those potatoes.

So while the MarsCoin project seems to have fallen into disinterest, we are all definitely looking forward to seeing a cryptocurrency for use on Mars come forth from SpaceX.

Red Planet Inu, we are waiting for you!

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