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The Crypto Movie Puts Cryptocurrencies In Bad Light – Community Disappointed


www.investinblockchain.com 15 April 2019 07:15, UTC
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Hollywood’s Crypto movie, which stars Kurt Russell and features cryptocurrencies as a major part of its plot, has released to some disappointing reactions, with the cryptocommunity thinking that it puts cryptocurrencies in a bad light.

The movie was released on April 12 and stirred some interest when the trailer was first announced, as cryptoenthusiasts felt that it focused too much on the negative aspects of cryptocurrency – a reputation that it has mostly divested itself of since established entities and governments have begun warming to the technology.

User reviews have been on the negative side for precisely the reason that the movie portrays crypto too negatively, and throws in too many buzzwords for the sake of it. Users who posted reviews on IMBD said,

Critics too are not very pleased with the movie on the whole, albeit for different reasons.

Will Hollywood Get Crypto Right?

The excitement of the market for the fact that Hollywood is making a movie that features cryptocurrency is natural, given that it would give crypto a huge boost in exposure – but, to the market’s disappointment, the final product is less than to their liking.

Perhaps, Hollywood will get crypto right as it becomes popular, but for the moment, enthusiasts will have to wait until Hollywood gets it right.

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