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Kraken Brings Crypto Degrees, Investing $300k on University of Wyoming

source-logo  thenewscrypto.com 02 August 2021 19:23, UTC

Have you ever wondered where one could learn about cryptocurrency and its industry? Mostly we used to discuss with our friends, colleagues or at times a distant crypto enthusiast friend. One can also indulge in gaining ample knowledge by investing a mere amount and start crypto trading too. Are there any other ways? Of course yes, let’s find out! 

The Crypto Degree

With the crypto industry being a prominent and fastest growing industry all over the world, the need for a perfect crypto analyst and cryptoic person, is of course the need in the market these days. 

However, Kraken has taken over this issue on its hands and has now collaborated with the University of Wyoming to bring forth official cryptocurrency education, a degree on the subject to be specific.

Amidst this, this is the first time cryptocurrency and the industry is getting officially into the academics so far. Also, this much anticipated education will be a multi-year course. 

Furthermore, the course will be specially designed to get ready for the forthcoming generations  towards the digital  assets industry. In addition, special subjects are to be devised for Bitcoin too.

In spite of all this, the oldest  American cryptocurrency exchange Kraken will be investing about $300k over a period of time for various aspects. Accordingly Kraken will be providing scholarships to K-12 students and K-12 teachers. Also, Kraken will develop furthermore advancements on the blockchain laboratory already present in the University.

The CEO’s & Professor’s Comments 

The CEO of Kraken, Jesse Powell exclaims that as this remarks the 10th anniversary of Kraken, they plan in bringing in quality education upon the Bitcoin (BTC) and the cryptocurrency industry. 

Also, the CEO states that this initiative will establish a brighter and a financially secured future for the forthcoming generations. In addition, the CEO adds the financial economy of Wyoming will develop due to this and also the overall world’s economy too.

On the other hand, the University of Wyoming’s Professor of Computer Science, Dr. Mike Borowczak states that Kraken’s fundings will help the University to establish more renowned crypto researchers , high caliber interdisciplinary researchers in their Wyoming Advanced Blockchain Center and in their Cybersecurity Education Research Center.   

On the whole this new collaboration looks extremely exciting and promising as this is not just done for any means of direct revenue to neither both parties but towards the spread of knowledge on the crypto industry and develop the coming generations face the digital assets world efficiently.