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Coca-Cola Pride Series NFT Collection on Polygon Network

source-logo  cryptoknowmics.com 04 July 2022 09:40, UTC

Coca-Cola, a well-known beverage company, said that it would introduce a Pride series NFT collection as part of its intentions to celebrate with the LGBTQIA+ community. Since each NFT in the collection is made up of a different piece from one of the 136 NFT collections, they are all one of a kind. With the debut of this series, it hopes to disseminate the message of love by giving the LGBTQIA+ community members beautiful light. Rich Mnisi, a well-known South African musician and one of the community's most outspoken defenders, will collaborate with Coca-Cola on this launch. Why did Coca-Cola select Mnisi? It is believed that Mnisi's pieces stretch the boundaries of identification and community. The team continues citing Mnisi's inspiration for his pride collection as the energy's indestructibility.

Minting All The NFTs On The Polygon Network

Mnisi explains that energy can change or transfer form by minting all the NFTs on the Polygon network. It can be locked up or unlocked by anyone. Love is similar to energy; it also changes form but is never destroyed. Heartache, trust, passion, and darkness can all be new forms of love. These expressions show how love evolves and endures. They serve as a reminder that each person can choose the type of love they want to express.

Mnisi continues, "We display love whichever way we define it. But let's all love one another freely."

The statement states that 136 NFTs will be released as part of the pride series NFT collection. They will also be produced on the Polygon (MATIC) network. Some of these NFTs are already available on the open sea NFT market. Coca-Cola has set the floor price for these NFTs at 1 ETH.