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Smart Token Labs Supports Carla Chan and La Prairie in First NFT Drop

cryptobriefing.com 18 May 2022 18:50, UTC
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The first NFT art collection from the world’s leading luxury skincare brand La Prairie, in collaboration with world renowned digital artist Carla Chan, is notable for more than the innovative and inspiring art that it represents.

Bringing Art and Beauty Lovers Into Web3

“Space Beyond” by Carla Chan involves 365 + 1 editions of unique, forever-changing artworks generated in real-time with weather and demographic data. Each artwork represents a day in the year of the 31 most populated cities across the globe.

The artwork will be dropped on May 18 at FRIEZE New York and proceeds will benefit the preservation of glaciers around the world.

Smart Token Labs is supporting Carla Chan and La Prairie to bring the NFT drop to life for an art buying audience that isn’t necessarily crypto native.

Smart Token Labs CEO, Victor Zhang, commented:

“Our TokenScript framework has been used to make it easy for people to purchase the NFT without holding a digital wallet and then to unlock unique experiences with the La Prairie brand via the NFT.”

The payment flow includes the ability to purchase the NFT via credit card and for an attestation via magic link to be issued to the buyer as a cryptographic proof of ownership of the NFT. This magic link can then be used at a future date to mint the NFT via a digital wallet.

Exclusive experiences and custom software (the art) will be unlocked for NFT holders via TokenScript Brand Connector which connects the NFT to a dedicated La Prairie brand website.

Carla Chan said:

“We are delighted that holders of Space Beyond NFTs will be able to seamlessly interact with the La Prairie brand at locations around the world via experiences such as events, product reveals and in-store viewings. We feel blessed to have the team from Smart Token Labs supporting us with world class technology to help bring art buyers from around the world into this first NFT collection. We couldn’t be happier with how inclusive or exciting the project is. I am now super looking forward to launching my collection during Frieze New York & Art Basel Hong Kong, as it will definitely bring/attract traditional collectors into web3 without any hassle.”

Smart Token Labs is creating a new standard for a tokenized future. Since 2017, it has been building two core bridges to this future: AlphaWallet, a superuser agent for smart tokens and TokenScript, the smart token interface for token composability. TokenScript is a token-centric framework for building composable smart tokens for use cases across NFTs, PlayFi, DeFi, the metaverse and the entire Web3 spectrum.

Carla Chan is a media artist from Hong Kong and is based in Berlin. Much like the never-ending development of new technologies, her approach to media art challenges the conventional perception of new media interfaces with ever-evolving possibilities for artistic expressions. Chan has been exhibited internationally including Hong Kong Museum of Art (HK), ZKM (DE), Art Basel (HK), Frieze NY (US), Today Art Museum (CN), and more. She has been awarded Toy Berlin Masters Award (DE) and Young Artist Award (Media Arts) at the Hong Kong Arts Development Awards. Her works have been collected in the Burger Collection (CH/HK) and M+ Museum (HK)

La Prairie is the leader in luxury skincare, present in 90 countries around the world. Rooted in Switzerland, La Prairie evokes innovation, performance, high-touch service and Swissness — the purity, precision and excellence inherent to the extraordinary land that saw the brand’s inception in 1978.

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