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QuickNode Announces Acquisition of NFT Analytics Site Icy Tools

www.coinspeaker.com 13 May 2022 13:33, UTC
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Even though details of the acquisition were not disclosed, it is reported that Icy Tools will keep its platform functionality intact.

QuickNode, a blockchain development platform, has announced its acquisition of Icy Tools, a Non-Fungible Token analytics platform. The development means QuickNode would integrate Icy tools API into its platform to enable developers and businesses to obtain important data in the Web3 sector.

Icy Tools has been an important addition to the NFT market since 2021. Just as the purpose it was designed to serve, it has been used by collectors to follow sales in the NFT market and to keep users informed about emerging projects. In addition, it can be used to check out the transaction histories and portfolio value of any NFT of interest. According to QuickNode COO Jackie De La Rosa, the acquisition is a natural fit for its project.

“We’re thrilled about the capabilities that will open up to our customers as a result of this transaction,” she said. “This is a natural fit for QuickNode because NFT integrations require sophisticated blockchain infrastructure behind the scenes,” said La Rosa.

The spine of Icy Tools is known to be GraphQL API. In addition to its primary purpose of enabling users to trace NFT prices, it also allows them to track trait and market data. It also gives users access to market data of the likes of OpenSea, Look Rare, etc.

Even though details of the acquisition were not disclosed, it is reported that Icy Tools will keep its platform functionality intact. However, its GraphQL API will be later relocated to the QuickNode platform. This will give QuickNode users access to analytics. It is further reported that the integration will include the likes of Solana, Ethereum, Polygon, etc.

QuickNode has since last year been involved in incredible activities including raising $35 million in a Series A funding round that saw the participation of 776, an investment firm founded by Alexis Ohanian.

“We were already bullish on the power of QuickNode for developers but the acquisition of icy. tools puts QuickNode at the forefront of NFT development, creating an integrated Web3 development and analytics platform,” said Ohanian.

QuickNode has always believed that the future of the internet is trustless, private, and resistant to censorship.

Recently, QuickNode announced a partnership agreement with Umbrella Network to ensure that entities that seek to set up and run community validator nodes for the network are assisted with the provision of fast and reliable BSC.

QuickNode was perfect for this partnership as it is trusted by the likes of PayPal, Coinbase, and others for its provision of a simplified control panel that powers and scales blockchain applications. It was also meant to take advantage of the credibility of the blockchain development company to attract talents to run validator nodes for Umbrella Network.

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