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BitShares blockchain platform to launch NFT network


www.cryptoninjas.net 06 April 2021 00:19, UTC
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BitShares, the first DPoS blockchain with self-governance, announced that it will launch NFTs this month. NFTs are another marker of how flexible the BitShares platform core actually is in terms of use-cases on the blockchain. This is also a great boost all-around to the kind of new innovation the BitShares community has been patiently waiting for.

The BitShares blockchain is also formalizing an NFT offering. BitShares NFTs will come with minimal change to the core software. BitShares will soon enable its users to implement this new class of asset.

“BitShares has always had the Token Factory; enabling mostly what we require for the NFTs as well. They are, sorta just another flavor of ‘User Issued Asset’ (UIA). Further development is however in need of funding to get the project fully complete; and delivered as a profitable offering to the general public. More details to follow, however, what is also coming is the option for BitShares holders to place their funds in a development stake-machine; that will both fund development whilst providing generous benefactors with a return at the same time. It’s a win-win for funding dev, and making tech investment available to those wishing to further use it for business purpose.”
– The BitShares Team

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