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China’s Sichuan province launches NFT marketplace


forkast.news 11 April 2022 06:59, UTC
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The cultural and tourism authority in Southwest China’s Sichuan province built a non-fungible token (NFT) trading platform to “encourage the music industry to actively adopt modern technology.”

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Fast facts

  • The Sichuan government Thursday said a number of music companies are using blockchain technology to safeguard their copyright.
  • Sichuan has emerged as a hotbed of modern Chinese music.
  • Many companies in China refer to NFTs as “digital collectibles” following state media’s denouncement of the market frenzy.
  • However, the Sichuan authority did not shy away from using the term “NFT” in its Thursday statement.
  • The department that released the statement told Forkast the NFT platform project was outsourced to a local blockchain company.
  • Meanwhile, some Chinese state media are also building their own platforms. 
  • Shandong province’s state-run television station last week said it plans to build a “digital collectibles” trading platform.
  • The Economic Daily, a mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party, called for stricter regulation of “digital collectibles” last week.

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