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Amazon Releases Its Initial Metaverse Game, More To Come?


www.thecoinrepublic.com 23 March 2022 23:35, UTC
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  • Amazon has released a 3D online game under title AWS Cloud Quest, which is its initial attempt to step into metaverse.
  • This latest addition to Amazon by Jeff Bezos aims to fuel AWS (Amazon Web Services), which is a widely accepted cloud platform.
  • This move ahead by Amazon could be prominent for organization, and hints towards releasing its own NFTs and crypto asset in future.

A New World By Amazon

Amazon has officially released its 3D online game where folks will navigate a digital town while assisting other individuals to resolve tech-related queries via the cloud. This is an educational as well as a sales tool, that educates folks regarding how they can utilize its cloud facilities.

This is Amazon’s initial effort to enter the digital world of the metaverse.

This latest game as strategized by Jeff Bezos looks forward to fueling Amazon Web Services (AWS). It is the most widely accepted cloud platform globally. This is a kind of service that the majority of decentralists complain regarding — that it is an organization having a grip on the cloud hosting industry.

Numerous devs state that supposed decentralized facilities are in fact centralized because of fact that they utilize Amazon Web Services for storage. It can boot any organization of their servers, which has raised a plethora of queries regarding decentralization’s meaning.

Shunning this scenario, the game appears to do what it is established to do.

AWS Cloud Quest

Amazon’s game is titled AWS Cloud Quest, and its functioning appears to be quite easy. Folks move across the digital world, assisting other users to solve queries related to Cloud, and gaining rewards or points for finishing puzzles or simulations.

Undoubtedly, the objective here is to increase awareness and ultimately adopt Amazon’s cloud services, on which Seattle-based organization remained focused for years.

AWS’s professional cloud education program’s director, Kevin Kelly, stated in a blog post that, AWS Educate as well as AWS Cloud Quest are deliberately stepping away from passive content.

He further added that organization wants to create abstract notions of cloud computing and actuality via interactive, and-on acts which enable students to instantly translate theory into practice.

Folks will earn points after finishing the AWS puzzle and simulation tests. For doing so, they unlock the latest content as well as character styles, similar to several video games.

Cryptocurrency and Amazon

There remain long-awaited speculations regarding organizations that Amazon may step up to enter the crypto sector at some point in the future. Moreover, the management of the organization has never ruled this out.

Amazon stepping into metaverse could be the next move towards providing their own cryptocurrencies and NFTs, which we have to wait and watch.

Looking at this prominent development, Amazon can make its presence robust in the digital world of the metaverse. Many big organizations like Adidas, Nike, etc. have already entered this space, and Amazon may play a tough contender to them in terms of revenue generation.

At this point, all we can do is make speculation regarding Amazon’s entry in the metaverse, and see how it plays out in the future.

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