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Justin Bieber Joins Bored Ape Yacht Club after Buying Bored NFT #3001 for $1.3M


www.coinspeaker.com 31 January 2022 11:34, UTC
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The Bored Ape NFT purchase by Bieber has caused some stir on the internet, with Twitter users emphasizing that it was a bullish move.

Famous Canadian singer Justin Bieber has joined the list of celebrities in the Bored Ape Yacht Club. Bieber bought Bored Ape NFT #3001 for $1.3 million, equaling 500 ETH on popular NFT marketplace OpenSea. Other celebrities in the Bored Ape Yacht Club that Bieber just joined include professional basketball player Stephen Curry and American Tennis player Serena Williams. Other top names in the Club are American rapper Gunna and musician Travis Barker, Eminem, and Paris Hilton.

At the time of sale, the floor price for Bored Ape Yacht Club was $270,908 (104 ETH). However, Bieber spent 500 ETH, meaning that the celebrity paid excessively more than the estimated worth of the Club. The newly-purchased Bored Ape NFT by Bieber has a new punk blue background which 12% of all apes have. In addition, the NFT has a black T-shirt, and the ape has sad, teary eyes, two big ears, and dark brown fur with an unshaven pouted mouth.

Bieber Newly-Purchased Bored Ape NFT

The Bored Ape NFT purchase has caused some stir on the internet, with Twitter users emphasizing that it was a bullish move. Bieber is a collector of NFTs, owning 619 NFTs across 49 collections. The Canadian singer also owns a few fractions of the Doge NFT. According to dappradar.com stats, all of Bieber’s NFT is worth $502,680.

Bored Ape Yacht Club comprises 10,000 unique NFTs. The images are of cartoon primates on the Ethereum blockchain. The company behind the NFT collection, Yuga Labs, is reportedly seeking $5 billion in valuation. If successful, the company will become one of the biggest web3 brands.

Earlier in the year, Bord Ape Yacht Club crossed a $1 billion mark in sales after seeing tremendous growth in 2021. As of the 4th of January, the total sales generated from the 10,000 pieces NFT collection was $1.03 billion. At the time, OpenSea revealed that Bored Ape Yacht Club had an all-time trading volume of 256K ETH.

It’s no news that NFT is the new trend among celebrities. As many have made their debuts into the growing space, more are navigating the burgeoning industry. Last year, many stars across different fields, including music and sports, showed interest in NFT. Eminem joined the train this month, buying Bored Ape #9055 for $462,000. Meanwhile, Brazilian football Neymar added to his collection a new NFT after buying Bored Ape #6633 for $159.99. Before now, Neymar previously purchased Bored Ape #5269 for $189.69. Other than that, the PSG player had bought NFT from flipped BAYC, flipped CryptoPunks. Flipped Doodles and ACESnikers fashion collection.

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