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DareNFT to disrupt the NFT landscape with the Launch of DarePlay Metaverse

coinquora.com 28 January 2022 13:54, UTC
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DareNFT, a universal NFT project fueling the era of Gamefi and engaging virtual spaces, has reported its move to launch new metaverse projects on its platform. This will drive the NFT gaming landscape forward. DareNFT is an NFT 2.0 protocol that aims to ride on the current frenzy around NFTs, however, with a little twist to it. The universal protocol is dedicated to executing development strategies alongside a list of fascinating NFT products which includes DarePlay, a game finance platform that will connect all gamers, as well as NFT marketplaces and DeFi services in one ecosystem.

The DarePlay Metaverse will be designed as an immersive and gamified environment where individuals can experience real-world interactions. Gamers from all over the world, guilds, and creators can exchange their knowledge, exhibit their digital content, and monetize their skills on the platform. The product is unlocking new levels of blockchain gaming with its transition from 2D to 3D and a native token to govern its new model for an exceptional metaverse experience. DareNFT’s DarePlay will also feature a blockchain gaming launchpad for non-NFT games, an Initial game offering (IGO) service, rent-to-earn and lease-to-earn marketplace for in-game assets and other digital collectables.

DarePlay is just one of the many innovations DareNFT intends to roll out. The protocol is committed to addressing scaling challenges facing current NFTs, some of which include unrecognized benefits between NFTs, hidden risks of ownership, and disregarded relationships between asset owners. These are areas of interest for DareNFT and the project intends to solve these problems with cutting-edge products and highly-innovative features, starting from DarePlay.

The project is suited to provide clear relationships between non-fungible tokens and their derivatives, making it a lot easier for the origin of NFTs to be traced. In addition, the project seeks to allow multi-ownership between NFTs. Like real-life artwork, sometimes ownership in the NFT landscape is between more than one person. However, the current NFT systems lack provisions for this but DareNFT is changing that. 

DareNFT is also addressing the problem of illiquidity. For individuals who own these digital collectables, this is one pressing challenge. For example, most people end up stuck with an NFT that no one is interested in after acquiring it with the hopes that it appreciates. With DareNFT, ownership can be rented allowing holders to gain at least some compensation if they cannot sell the whole NFT. The project intends to change the entire NFT landscape over the next couple of years.

$1M Dollar-worth of $DPL up for grabs!

DareNFT is offering $1M Dollar-worth of DPL to its growing community in a fairdrop. DPL is the governing token of the protocol’s new MVP, DarePlay. DarePlay Metaverse will launch DPL based on the Fair Launch model with no venture capitalists, seed sale or private round event. It is purely for the community.

Since DarePlay Metaverse is one of the products in the DareNFT ecosystem, the right ones should not be any whales holding big bags of $DNFT but contributing no value to our product ecosystem. The right ones should be the users of our current working products, which are DareLaunch, DareFarm, Genesis Sale and MarketPlace. Users & community members, the most loyal $DNFT holders, are the most component bringing us to this far since project launching, that’s why we have decided to give it all to the community in this FairDrop.” the team explained.

Moreover, 10% of the total supply of the $DPL tokens will be utilized in the fairdrop. At the Listing price of $0.01, the total value sits at $1M. The first fairdrop will take place in January followed by the token listing on Pancakeswap in February.

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