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Radioactive Apes; the NFT Project with DeFi Mechanics


cryptoknowmics.com 18 January 2022 18:11, UTC
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By now, you know that I'm a big fan of NFTs. I've been collecting blue-chip projects and make sure I regularly tell my followers what projects I'm investing in. It is true however that blue-chips are expensive, especially for a newbie to the NFT space. As a result, I try to give updates on NFT projects in their minting stages, so you can get in early, join a budding community with immense potential and ride the project up to blue-chip status. How about that?

Radioactive Apes 

One project I think has the potential to be successful is the Radioactive Apes project. This project sets a new standard for generative 3D art. These arts aren't just superb 3D, they also come with high-quality details and a special combination of traits. The team behind this project are very ambitious as shown with their plans to expand the project's collection into the Metaverse, adding DeFi mechanics and a lot more. Wondering why I think this project has immense potential, it's easy. For one, it's designed and created by deckor.co. This is an interdisciplinary experience and CGI studio. The Apes designed by this company have been rendered in ultra-high-resolution while paying extremely close attention to detail by talented artists.

Mint Details

There are 10,000 Radioactive Apes available for mint for 0.075 ETH for members who are whitelisted and 0.1 ETH for the general public. If you are wondering, there's an advantage to being whitelisted. You get to mint a maximum of 2 Apes. To get whitelisted, you can join the community on discord.gg/radioactive and twitter.com/radioactiveapes for more information. The Apes will be revealed when all 10,000 Apes in the collection have been sold.


After the mint, the team plans to create a Metaverse currency, $RADX. This token will have to support tokenomics and dynamics that bring value to holders of Radioactive Apes NFT. The utility will be provided to the token in the Radioactive Apes metaverse. Utilities like redeeming future metaverse items, mutations, drops and other mechanics will increase the value of the Radioactive Apes and the community at large.

Waste Barrels 

These are ways by which holders of Radioactive Apes get rewarded. It is funded by secondary sales. The Waste Barrels will be a unique reward that holders can claim weekly and it will hold a variety of items that are claimable like NFTs, Metaverse lands, Radioactive Collectibles, ETH, Whitelist Spots, Merchs and lots more. 


There is a plan to allocate a portion of the proceeds of the mint to form a community-driven fund which will be governed by a DAO structure. However, this is dependent on the outcome of the mint. The DAO will be separate and in addition to the centralized operation of the team. Priority is given to security as the Fund will be set up transparently and securely with a multi-sig wallet. Added to this, a governance structure will be set up to ensure that there is representation from the community to help shape the future of the project. 50 Radioactive Apes NFTs will also be reserved for the DAO treasury.


Phase 1

  • The Blast: High-Quality 3D Apes

Radioactive Apes will make its post-nuclear entrance into the metaverse by setting a new standard with jaw-dropping high-quality 3D artwork. The apes are uniquely designed by an interdisciplinary design, CGI, and experience studio. Each ape is curated with high attention to detail to each trait and is rendered in ultra-high resolution.

  • Initial focus on high-quality 3D art
  • High attention-to-detail on traits and rarity
  • Ultra-high-resolution 3D rendering

Phase 2

  • The Gust: Waste Barrel Rewards and Foundation Community 

Following the launch, Radioactive Apes aims to introduce Waste Barrels: a periodic reward for NFT holders that are funded by secondary royalties. By holding the NFTs, the community will receive rewards ranging from whitelist spots to quality designed merch.

  • Strengthening foundational community through various initiatives including gated discord channels for NFT holders to harness the collective intelligence, onboarding of community contributors, and set up of rarity.tools so that our collectors can find the right ape for themselves.
  • Gated discord channels for NFT holders

Phase 3

  • The Radiation: Radioactive Merch Store 

With the same attention to detail and craftsmanship as its metaverse counterpart, Radioactive Apes aims to expand its presence from the metaverse to the physical world with the production of high-quality merchandise and physical items. The team believes that by bridging the physical world, they can expand the community and contribute to the general adoption of NFTs.

  • Design and produce high-quality merchandise
  • Web3 eCommerce storefront accessible only to NFT holders
  • Expand community and brand awareness

Phase 4

  • The Fallout: Community-driven Initiatives and Treasury 

Radioactive Apes believes heavily in decentralization and community. A DAO structure will be formed to enable NFT holders to influence and shape the direction of the project and its impact on the world. This may include but is not limited to IRL events, partnerships/ collaborations and integrations to 3D metaverses. A community treasury secured by a multi-sig wallet, the DAO will implement a governance structure whereby NFT holders have voting rights. The DAO will be separate and in addition to the centralized operation of the core team.  

  • Set up DAO governance structure and voting rights
  • Allocate funds into a community treasury multi-sig wallet
  • Enable the community to propose and contribute

Phase 5

  • The Wastelands: Utility and DeFi Mechanics

With a limited collection of 10,000 NFTs and high-quality 3D art as its foundation, Radioactive Apes aims to design additional value creation mechanics for NFT holders. This may include the creation of an ERC-20 utility token, $RADX which can be used to redeem physical and metaverse perks. The team will also explore tapping into DeFi mechanics such as bonding to acquire strategic assets in the metaverse.

  • Design and build $RADX token and tap into DeFi mechanics
  • Focus on accrual of additional value to NFT holders
  • Expand metaverse and IRL perks

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